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React Models

After a lot of years of application development I was just improving my frontend skills while learning react. Since my passion is architecture and therefore application structure, I thought about how to structure a react app. I thought about my frontend experiences in developing RCP applications build with Swing or Eclipse RCP (SWT). In those RCP environments one usually desings UI models that are stable abstraction of what one wants to view and then use UI components that operate on these models. Stable abstractions are usually a good practice that help you to stay flexible and with “flexible” I mean to easily change UI components and to easily test their… Read More »React Models

Fundamentals of React functional components you should know

In this blog I would like to demystify React’s functional components. I want to give you a deeper understanding of why React works as it does, so that you can focus on writing React applications instead of hunting bugs. Function components – the mental model gap In the “Main Concepts” section in the React docs they tell you what a function component is with a simple example. In the React docs, Main Concepts in the section Function and Class Components they say: This function is a valid React component because it accepts a single “props” (which stands for properties) object argument with data and returns a React element. We call such… Read More »Fundamentals of React functional components you should know

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